Have they found the remains of Roman gladiators at Saintes?

Gladiators Roman Saintes
French archaeologists working on a site in the middle of Saintes have found skeletons that could be the remains of gladiators who fought and died nearly 2,000 years ago.

Last year the experts unearthed the remains of a burial ground or necropolis around 250 metres from Saintes’ famous colosseum-style arena, which could contain up to 18,000 spectators (akin to a decent-sized football crowd). Continue Reading →


Goodbye Poitou-Charentes, Hello French Atlantic Coast

Atlantic coast French regionsThis website is about to undergo something of a major transformation shortly, as we’ll be changing our name from Discover Poitou-Charentes to Discover the French Atlantic Coast, with a new domain name too (www.the-french-atlantic-coast.com).

At the same time we’ll be covering a bigger area – all the existing Poitou-Charentes region plus the rest of the French Atlantic coast from La Baule down to Biarritz.

So we thought it was a good time to explain briefly what’s behind the name change. Continue Reading →